Hurricane Idalia – Advisory #6

Thursday, August 31, 2023

3:00 PM

This will be the last Advisory for Hurricane Idalia.

Colonial Terminals’ recovery and restart work across our Savannah and Wilmington terminal network is at or nearing completion as further outlined below. 

We appreciate everyone’s patience and support as we worked to minimize the disruption to our customers’ business as a result of Hurricane Idalia.

Savannah Terminal Operations

Terminal Operations

All facilities and associated services have resumed normal operations with the exception of specific and limited infrastructure at Foundation 1. We have communicated directly with this customer about the planned restart of these assets.

Wilmington Terminal Operations

Terminal Operations

The terminal is open normal hours.

Vessel Operations

The Ports is under a modified Zulu; however, the condition is expected to be lifted without any impact to operations.

Rail Operations

Railroad services have been restored.

Truck Operations

Truck operations are operating normally.